I'm Ash Jones. I live in Vancouver BC, where I build the future.

Hi there! I'm Ash Jones, a passionate software developer and aspiring engineer. I find joy in crafting digital solutions that positively impact people's lives. With a background in freelance projects and valuable experience as a Software Developer Intern at BrainStation, I have the skills and knowledge to tackle complex challenges.

As a developer, I have honed my expertise in various technologies, including React and Next.js, for building dynamic and interactive web applications. I am proficient in using Tailwind CSS to create beautiful, responsive user interfaces. Additionally, I have experience working with TypeScript, MongoDB, MySQL, and Express.js, enabling me to develop robust and scalable applications.

One of the projects I'm particularly proud of is creating a website for a therapist specializing in supporting the queer community in rural Saskatchewan. It was a rewarding experience to leverage my technical skills to create a platform that promotes inclusivity and accessibility in mental health services.

As a software developer, my ultimate goal is to leverage technology to support individuals in need and contribute to the betterment of society. I am driven by the desire to build meaningful solutions that address real-world challenges. By gathering valuable experience and continuously expanding my skill set, I aim to make a lasting impact through my work.

When I'm not coding, I often explore my diverse interests and hobbies. I find solace in cooking, experimenting with flavours and creating culinary delights. I also love spending time in nature, going on hikes that allow me to connect with the world around me. Additionally, I find inspiration in queer art and joy, celebrating the unique expressions of creativity and identity. Indie music and lo-fi beats are the soundtracks to my coding adventures, fueling my imagination and driving my productivity.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Let's connect and create something remarkable together.